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In 1948 Antonio and Lorenzo Cinquepalmi, who had owned Masseria lncantalupi for some years, decided to plant the first five hectares of vines. The first varietals planted were Negroamaro,Primitivo and Malvasia Nera, which thanks to the deep and fertile soil, more than lived up to the brothers' expectations producing prized grapes which soon became well known and sought after by all the wine presses in the area.

The uncommon ability,total dedication and the boundless passion for agriculture and nature which had lead the Cinquepalmi brothers to invest all their resources into the purchase of the Masseria and the introduction of new crops made an unbeatable combination with the fertile,warm and breezy microclimate of this flat land, only a few kilometers from the sea. The praiseworthy results that followed lead to the planting of more new vines and the creation of a small wine press within the Masseria, with the acquisition of some 'capasoni' (large pottery vessels) and barrels for fermenting the must and storing the wine.

The passion for the land,the vines, the olives and the orchards,which over the years enriched lncantalupi, was passed by the originai owners to their niece and nephew) Maria and Giuseppe Bruno and by them to their children, who accepted the inheritance with the humility and sense of responsibility of those who are destined to follow a path traced by their family history and by the traditions of an ancient civilization. In 1989there was the first ina series of important changes.

AII the holdings of the company,extending over more than 150 hectares, changed over to organic farming, using exclusively organic fertilizers and abolishing all weedkillers and insecticides. Other than improving the soil's structure and health, this also leads to a perfectly balanced agroecosystem,with the proliferation of many additional species of wildlife. Alongside the originai vineyards,where the traditional 'alberello' (head trained) form was used,another ten hectares were planted using the most up to date cultivation techniques and adding new grape varieties such as Malvasia Bianca, Minutolo and Chardonnay,all organic.


Today the Masseria lncantalupi is synonymous with family traditions, of a dose link to the territory,but also with prestigious wines which express the perfume,smells and tastes of the land from which they originate. Once ripe the grapes are carefully selected in the field before being harvested.

The harvest occurs at night time and the bunches of grapes are placed into trays holding only five kilogrammes, to preserve their integrity.The grapes are crushed maintaining the integrity of the skin as much as possible,to improve the maceration process inthe press.

The wines are aged first in stainless steel vats, followed by some months in French durmast barriques to enhance the quality and the characteristics of wines which soothe the soul and evoke timeless emotions and passion.